In 2002 Peter gave up a long and distinguished career in television design to concentrate on travel photography, and set off to re-explore South and Central America, India, South East Asia and Australasia.

Always an ardent traveller he has had folios published in leading international photographic magazines over the past 30 years. In 2004 he held a major three week one-man show entitled 'Signs of Life' at the prestigious OXO Gallery on London's South Bank, featuring image from those trips.

Since then he has continued to travel, and has taught photography via his association with the travel company ‘Authentic Adventures’.

He has regularly exhibited both at the Centrespace Gallery and the Art Garden Gallery in Bristol, and in the First Sight Gallery in Bath.

His most recent exhibition at the Glass Room Gallery in Bristol's Colston Hall was entitled 'Chasing Colour' and was based on his ‘Blurb’ published book featuring image from Central America.

During the past 12 months Peter has photographed in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and India. All the images on this website are available for sale, please go to the PURCHASE Page.

"One of the first things that struck me when I travelled in South and Central America and the Far East, was the astonishing use of colour in the towns and villages I visited. Who in Northern Europe would think of painting their house lime green and purple, or turquoise pink and yellow?

As bold and vivid as these colour combinations may seem to the European eye, they appeared to me to exemplify the vitality of the countries I was exploring, the love of life and underlying sense of optimism that local people feel. The use of intense colour seemed to act as a counterpoint to lives that are ofter extremely challenging.

As a photographic observer my interest lies in the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life, and the images that I capture are simple records of the things and events observed on a daily basis. It is the human interest in an image that engages me, and thus I am often drawn to urban environments where I can wander at my leisure and observe life as it is lived on the streets.

In many of the countries I visit, people live with their doors open – they know their neighbours and they interact with one another in a way that is by and large lost to us in the West. Walk down any street in Nicaragua, Laos, or India and all manner of human activities will be revealed to you. If you act with sensitivity and tact, and avoid giving offense, you will be rewarded not only with interesting pictures but also, invariably, with genuine generosity and warmth."

Peter Netley December 2014